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opto22 make groov EPIC

Hello, everyone, and thank you all for joining us today. I will be taking you through the awesome system today and I am going to start by telling you little bit about OPTO 22 followed by the problems we see in industrial IoT systems today. Then I’m excited to introduce you to our newest groundbreaking product Groov EPIC, including its hardware features and software capabilities. Then, I’ll describe various scenarios where we can solve common nagging communication problems with Groov EPIC’s new features. Okay, let’s get started.

Why OPTO 22?

  • Open architecture:
  • Wide availability
  • Standards based
  • Commercial-of-the-shelf
  • Low cost of ownership:
  • Free Software suite
  • Free pre sales engineering
  • Free product support
  • Free factory training
  • Free online training

Problems that Automation Industry is facing

As engineers, we all have ideas. It’s in our DNA to conceive new ways to do things to create a better, safer and more productive environment relative to our jobs. In Automation today, there’s a lot of talk about industrial IoT, machine learning, cloud computing, and generally getting more out of our existing systems, as well as building new systems that take advantage of recent advancements in computing capabilities. However, we also encounter significant challenges that hinder the pursuit of those ideas. In many cases, these obstacles can be traced back to numerous issues. We must all deal with in order to move our projects forward. And in more cases than not complexity cost, and maintaining these systems are some of the biggest hurdles. Today’s industrial IoT systems are just too difficult to put together. In fact, more time is spent trying to get these various systems to work together, while continuously addressing major issues like security, software licenses, PCs, Windows updates, networking, and much more. And it was this pain that drove us to bring a new system that would address many of those challenges I just described.


New System Objectives

We wanted to have a single cohesive system, offering edge computing, easy data exchange with other systems, mobile and web visualization and much more. All combined with a real time control and industrial IO. We brought a system that is simpler, more secure and higher performance than anything else on the market. And we think we’ve done it.


Introducing Groov EPIC

Introducing Groov EPIC, the world’s first edge programmable industrial controller. OPTO 22 combined edge computing power with multiple programmability options, industrial packaging, and real time control into a single platform and  that’s EPIC. And that led to the birth of the EPIC acronym to describe new system, an edge programmable industrial controller.

What is EPIC?

The E is for edge which is for collecting, processing and exchanging data securely among databases, cloud platforms; even competing PLCs and we do it where the data is produced at the edge of the network. And while we’re at it, provide visualization of all of this data right at the edge as well. For the P programmability was key with many options to develop your control and data applications, including a method to run your own software. And for the I legendary industrial hardness. And finally for the C, a high performance open source controller with truly state of the art IO, backed by the same lifetime guarantee we’ve offered for years. That’s Groov EPIC

EPIC is absolutely gorgeous, but don’t let it’s good looks fool you. This is a remarkably agile, versatile and powerful system. And it starts at the hardware. So let’s begin with a tour of Groov EPIC’s, hardware features. And of course, the place to start is where the physical world meets the digital world the field termination.

Hardware Features of Groov EPIC:

We custom developed our removable terminal to provide time saving methods to connect to your instruments, sensors, actuators, transmitters and more. It starts with a simple and effective spring clamp terminal to make wiring a breeze. Then for some modules, we provided two extra terminals for use as a common for power rail or negative common your choice. No more jumper straps.

  • Increased IO density without resorting to off module terminations and offer isolated and non isolated versions of the IO.
  • Developed lower cost simple function modules when you don’t need all the smarts we generally put into our IO systems. But the smarts that remain in all of our modules is their ability to be automatically recognized by the controller and free to swap on or off the rack at any time.
  • We’ve also loaded up our IO modules with helpful multicolor LEDs to indicate module quality and provided LEDs for status of each discrete channel.
  • Then we went one step further and added a touch sensitive pad to each module. This is really cool. The Groove EPIC’s touch screen will automatically display all the information about that module. No need for a PC just to check out your IO. While we are offering our most popular IO module types at launch, we won’t have all 100 plus modules offered in the snap IO line right away but no problem. Snap packs and snap Ethernet IO are 100% supported by the Groov EPIC system, meaning you can use your existing IO if you have it, or add IO module types that are not quite available yet in EPIC.
  • Now we made the system compact with a processors touch screen about the size of your Smartphone. And our offering 4, 8 or 16 module chassis is in stainless steel for unmatched ruggedness.
  • Now continuing our long tradition of using commercial off the shelf technologies, Wherever we can, we’ve built the Groov EPIC processor on industrially hardened ARM processors, the same processors that power today’s Smart phones, tablets and other edge computing devices.
  • Then, we selected open source Linux with real time extensions to be the operating system. We’ve loaded it up with RAM and plenty of industrial solid state drive space for your data hungry applications, backed by a state of the art power fail safe files system to ensure reliability in the field.
  • There’s two independent Gigabit Ethernet network ports so you can segment your it network from your control network, ensuring no one can access unsecure devices on the OT side of the network, and two USB ports for keyboard mouse Wi-Fi adapters, serial dongles, and more.
  • Now the Groov EPIC screen is a high resolution color touch screen display, rated for industrial use. It’s absolutely gorgeous and beautifully displayed Groov view screens and your Groov manage interface as hard as it will be.
  • To put this thing behind a cabinet door we understand most enclosure doors aren’t Plexiglas, so we’ve included a built in HDMI port so you can mount your own HDMI compatible display and connect it directly to the EPIC no more need for separate expensive operator interface terminals.
  • We are providing numerous modular power supply options for AC power DC power and pass through DC. And of course the whole system is loaded with agency approvals including class one div two for explosive environments and a text compliance.

Configuring Groov EPIC

Now configuring Groov EPIC is a breeze with a built in Groov manage software. Let’s take a tour.

Groov manage

Groov manage is one of the many software applications embedded into Groov EPIC and its purpose is to help you quickly configure commission and troubleshoot your new system without the need for a PC.

Built in touch screen, or connect a mouse and keyboard to make your configurations even easier, you can also use any Smartphone or tablet on the same network to configure the system. Of course, if you prefer to use a PC you can in any kind of PC you like as long as it runs a modern web browser, the entire system is web based.

Now the system is also secure right out of the box. Only authorized accounts are able to access Groov EPIC through this login screen or over the network. Now once logged in, you’ll get to the home screen where you can access all the features on the system.

There’s also a handy top level navigation to quickly jump to common sections. You can create specific user accounts for different individuals with unique rights to various software on the system.

You can manage your network settings from here the system screen, and again without any special networking software or utilities you have everything you need right here on the display. All IO modules installed  On the system are automatically registered, including discrete IO, and the ability to check for properly wired inputs and test outputs right from the screen. Now, this is cool.

If you’re wiring up a new module for the first time, we’ve actually embedded the wiring diagram directly into EPIC, no need to go to the docks or the website. Everything you need is right here, including the specifications for every module. Analog is of course also covered, along with all the modules real time data points, and that’s a brief tour of Groov manage.


  • Data processed locally
  • Get data when you need it
  • Minimal middleware needed
  • Reduced reliance on IT
  • Lowered system costs
  • Better performance
  • Better security
  • Send data whenever and wherever you want
  • Own your ideas data and systems
  • Be the master of your domain

So that was all about Groov EPIC.

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