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Integrated Library of Graphical Object: Charts, Tables, Bar and Pie graphs, … many others

User Friendly Interface for Non-Programming Users
Drag & Drop, What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Dream Report is the World’s Leading User-Friendly Reporting and Dash-boarding for Industrial Automation and for Non-Programming Users.

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Dream Report - Industrial Software

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The Designer Studio was design to be used by everyone. Its user interface enables to easily create pleasant report templates. All data extraction is done with the “Dream Report Object Toolbar”. This object library integrates dedicated Object for industrial automation reports.
Dream Report Web Portal
The Dream Report Web Portal is ideal for distributing and sharing reports over the Internet/Intranet. Users can easily browse and display PDF and Excel reports or generate new reports on Demand using Web Dynamic Report Generator (DRG). The Dream Report portal can be customized and integrated in other web portals through a Webservice API.
Connectivity & Integration
The Connectivity Value Proposition – Visibility to ALL your Data
Imagine telling your team that you’ve found an industrial solution that can connect to data from anywhere in your plant, and from any system. Moreover, it can generate any statistics for reports and dashboards, even combining the data from all your sources. It will do all that automatically, delivering the results you desire to those that need it and it can do that interactively, through quick and easy to develop dashboards of your own design. That’s the benefit of Dream Report!
Reporting projects are executed by Dream Report Run-time. The Dream Report Run-time runs as an application or as a service on either a Windows Workstation or Windows Server operating system. While largely invisible to the user, the Run-time Management Console (RMC) provides visibility to the background running process, letting you start, stop, reload and interact with your reports. The RMC user interface shows the list of reports to be executed and the current status for each one. It also enables you to select any report and generate it manually. A feature called the Dynamic Report Generator also lets you generate reports with custom time periods, batch selections, etc. This lets users regenerate past reports at any time.
The Dream Report Logger studio enables Dream Report to take data from any Smart Device; RTU, PLC, IOT Device, etc., and also more complex systems such as HMI/SCADA Systems, DCS Systems, MES applications and more, and then log that data to any standard database. This resulting database can then be used by Dream Report for Reports and Dashboards.

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