Programmable Automation System For Furnace Operations Control.

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Industry/ Application: HT- Pit Type furnace- Carbon Potential control & SCADA

The Challenge

The customer is end user leader in the manufacture and supply of automotive parts in automotive industry. Customer wss facing service/technical issues with existing PLC-HMI-SCADA system of Pit type carburizing furnace (Qty- 06 Nos) and wanted to replace the system with equivalent.

Products used to overcome the challenge:

SVC provided- Eurotherm T2750 PAC system along with EYCON HMI & complete SCADA package for all 6- Pit Type Carburising furnace. Eurotherm T2750PAC: Programmable Automation Controller for furnace operations control. EYCON20 HMI: Local display with data logging facility. Wonderware SCADA: Supervisory control for all 6 Pit Type Furnace.

The Solution

Using Eurotherm complete system package we provided solution as below, • Precise Carbon Potential Control (CP Control) using T2750 PAC (CP control is crucial part in HT applications- specifically in Pit Type/Sealed Quench/CGCF furnaces) • Reporting using SCADA system.

Key Benefits

• Flexible and robust system with expertise of Eurotherm in HT industry applications. • Product quality and ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. • Eurotherm Brand and Quality Systems such as ISO 9001.
S V Controls case study - Programmable Automation System for furnace operations control.

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