Vacuum Process Autoclave

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Industry/ Application:  Vacuum Process Autoclave.

The Challenge

The customer is OEM & manufacturing process equipment for online Transformer Oil Filtration systems and Vacuum Autoclaves. Customer had prices and application execution issues while using their existing control systems.

Products used to overcome the challenge:

SVC provided- Eurotherm T2750 PAC system with Wonderware SCADA package for Autoclave. Autoclave used for heat treatment of part used for Naval applications. Eurotherm T2750PAC: Programmable Automation Controller. ESA HMI: Local display. Wonderware SCADA: Supervisory control for complete Autoclave system. Eurotherm EPOWER Thyristor Power Controller: Heat treatment of product. Eurotherm 3216 process Controller: Ramp/Soak profile controller.

The Solution

Using Eurotherm complete system package we have provided solution as below, • Precise and accurate heat treatment of product used in naval applications. • Customized profile control which is not available with competitor brands. • Flexible control system for complete Autoclave automation as per user requirement.

Key Benefits

• Flexible and robust system with expertise of Eurotherm in industrial applications& controls. • Product quality and ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. • Eurotherm Brand and Quality Systems such as ISO 9001.
S V Controls Case Study Vacuum Process Autoclave

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